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  These will show you a little of whats available

Range of Homes... How much do you want to spend ?

This is often a method to describe the range of Homes available.

The various Homes can be described as Apartments =Condominiums, Single family Homes =Detached, Semi Detached =Duplex, and Townhouse =Terraced.

It is advisable to make sure if you do not see the House , that you and the seller are of the same understanding. Another good reason to avail of the services of a professional

There are other descriptions that are not the same the World over ; area / size can be for Living space only in some Countries.    Ready to move in , can also vary from place to place.     Any of the Agents you contact from our Site will do all they can to give you detailed information, whether its a Mansion or an Apartment you are looking for.

They will describe the Spanish Villas and Penthouse and tell you the difference

between the French and Italian description of property.

Homes can be bought for €150,000 and less in any location featured on our Web site.  The Sites we link to have a fantastic range of Homes to choose from,

whether you want  the USA , Spain ,Italy, Cyprus or the Riviera.

There is something for everybody from  €45,000  to  millions for holiday, investment or  Relocation.

The property range available is so big and covers a vast area, we suggest you search the site of your choice. Or if you wish, email us and we will get you the information you require.

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Bulgaria Hungary & Croatia
Australia to Uruguay & Rest of the World
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