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For when you buy that Home in the Sun !

There is so much to say about Insurance it is impossible to cover all the Policy types needed from place to place.
It is very important that you discuss Property Insurance at the first stage of the purchase process, or inform yourself prior to setting out to buy that Dream Home.

Other Insurance you will need is Travel and Health, these should be checked out as soon as you decide on your location. The cost of the insurance will be a regular outlay and must be considered with other ongoing payments,all this is a factor to deciding how you will afford your Home in the Sun. Motor cover will be a cost in some cases.




VHI have now got "Holiday Cover" at a good price. But Make sure it covers YOUR requirements.   Last year they added VHI Global to give you more cover Worldwide. [ It can be expensive for USA]


LAYA offer a number of options to the traveler, including a Travel / Holiday package

Both of these Companies offer a LIMITED cover for Overseas as part of their regular Insurance Plan. But NOTE some plans DON'T give the overseas cover

If you have Health insurance with LAYA or VHI check out your overseas/holiday cover.

Phone LAYA 1890 700890   VHI 1850 444444


The EUROPEAN Health Insurance Card  is now issued to EU residents prior to travel within the EEC.  ( E 111 form )  It is important you know what is covered and get the information you need if you require to use it.

I have seen a form  Certificate  provisionally replacing the EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD

Health Board Link Click here


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