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H I T S 

This page will keep you up to date on projects as they develop.

We invite our featured Realtors to tell us about their successes /  their HITS, developments that have performed well.

Hello Dubai !

The new Palm project announced following the great success of its predecessors at Jumeirah and Jebel Ali. Although completion of both projects is years away, properties sold out extremely quickly following release in the case of the Palm Jumeirah, all properties were sold within 72 hours.   THAT'S a HIT

Marina _Quays


Beautiful Dubai                  



Leptos Estates Cyprus

are a fantastic operation providing great choices

    iBiscus & Karmi

with Poseidon-Beach -Village below


 "Hammock Beach" another Ginn development

A development of Quality, is what you would describe the GINN Company  ReUnion Resort in Florida near Orlando.   It gets #1  from HOMES Overseas awards  and you can see why.  Unlike here and other locations in Europe  this Florida developer has spent $ 400m. on roads and other infrastructure and only half the homes are built.

  Garrett Kenny an Irishman collected the trophies on behalf of the  Ginn Company.  He holds the Coldwell Banker Team Realty(CBTR) franchise in the area and I'm sure he will be happy to sell you a Home in the Sun .             Thats a H I T !

The Daily Telegraph sponsored the awards .


A Turkish addition

a top class design

As the site progresses we expect this page to be of great assistance to you .     I intend to give you a brief history of developments that have done well from a sales point of view.   We will also be informing you of the current value of these properties so you can monitor your investment.

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